Sunday, 19 May 2013


Internet and Islam

This is the age of internet and everything that used to be tangible once has either shifted to World Wide Web or it has created its virtual copy over it. The preaching of different religions has also made its active place on internet.

 The dawah work of Islam has also taken its place on internet and started their work online.  There are many websites that has Islamic material but not all of them are right to follow. Some websites have been created by zion or by the non Muslim groups (qadiyanis and qauranists) who spread false information about Islam and Quran by promoting their own beliefs. Similarly, there are other websites being run by the anti-Islam groups who like to spread as much false information about Islam as they can. They misquote quranic verses, they misquote ahadith and to give weight to their nonsense and absurd comments, they use those books which contain fabricated lies on Quran and hadtih.

There are many active people on internet that spread false information and hatred about Islam and Muslim in disguise of being ex-Muslims for example, a man with name ali sina is now a day’s spreading false beliefs about Islam that have nothing to do with Islam. These people are specially appointed and back up by those non Muslim lobbies which do not want Islam to be promoted anymore because they perceive Islam to be the biggest danger on the face of earth. Then there are another group of people who are non Muslims but they apparently have the knowledge about Islam. And with that “baseless” knowledge, they are spreading hatred about Islam and Muslims. The prominent groups are faithfreedom. Con and and there are many others of course.

The question is, how to avoid falling prey for such people and their absurd attempts to learn Islam online? It’s a difficult thing for a lay man to find the correct information about Islam if he does not know much about Islam. The first thing is to read Quran with translation so that you are able to understand what Quran contains and what those websites contain.

To read Quran online there are some websites you can follow without any problem like;

These websites contain relevant and authentic material about Islam. Then there are websites for more Islamic knowledge on different issues the prominent of them are

And for the fiqah perspective of the issues that we do not know how to respond, there is a website