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Sunnah’s and Respects of the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

40 Sunnah’s and Respects of the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

Sunnato kay ay Mubaligh ho mubarak tujh ko
Tujh say Sarkaar bara pyaar kiya karthay hain
(Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

Madeena 1- Every good and lawful piece of work that you do should be done after you’ve recited “Bismillah”, however never ever recite “Bismillah” if what ever you are about to do is not lawful and is haraam.

Madeena 2- When you meet another Islamic brother then it’s a beautiful Sunnah to give salaam.

Madeena 3- The method of musafah according to the sweet Sunnah is that when 2 islamic brothers meet then they first give salaam to each other and then do the musafah (Shake hands).

Madeena 4- Whilst doing musafah (shaking hands), the Sunnah is that you don’t have anything in your hands, both of your hands be empty and the palms of the hands should touch.

Madeena 5- It’s Sunnah to smile and talk in a polite and cheerful manner whilst you’re in a conversation.

Madeena 6- Some people scream and shout when they meet some of their friends, this is against the Sunnah.

Madeena 7- It’s Sunnah to say “Alhamdulillah” when you sneeze, but it’s better if you say “Alhamdulillahi Rabbil A’alameen”. It becomes Wajib upon the one who hears to reply by saying “YarhamukAllah”. And he should say these words loud enough for the person who has sneezed to hear them. If one deliberately takes time to answer to the sneeze then he will be sinful, and this sin will not be forgiven just by answering to the sneeze but he will have to do thauba as well. (Bahar-e-Shariat)

Madeena 8- After hearing the answer to the sneeze the one who sneezed should reply by saying “Yaghfirullahu lana walakum” meaning May Allah azzawajal forgive us both. Or he can say “Yahdi kumullahu wa yuslihu balakum” meaning May Allah azzawajal show you the right path and cause your rectification.

Madeena 9- The Sunnah of the Kurta mubarak of the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam) is that it should be long, loose and collarless, it’s length should be up to the shin/calf of the leg, the length of the sleeves should be up to the knuckles of the fingers and the width of the sleeves should be roughly the length of one hand span.

Madeena 10- It’s Sunnah to tie a tehband around the waist. (a tehband is a loose sheet that is wrapped around the lower part of the body for males, a bit like a toti). It’s also permissiable to wear pyajama (Eastern style pants/trousers), as the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam) liked it and the Sahaba-e-Kiraam (Alaihim-u-Rizwaan) also wore them as well.

Madeena 11- Always keep the tehband (sheet) and the pyjamas (trousers) above the ankles.

Madeena 12- Always put your trousers on whilst sitting down and tie the Imaama Shareef whilst standing up. Anyone who does this in a different manner will fall prey to such a disease which is incurable. (Zia-ul-Quloob Fi Libaas-ul-Mahboob)

Madeena 13- Always put the kurta/top on first then the trousers

Madeena 14- Whilst you are putting your clothes on, start from the right side, for example when you’re putting your kurta/top on then first enter your right hand into the sleeve and then the left. Likewise when you’re putting your trousers on then start with the right leg first and then the left leg.

Madeena 15- When you are about to take you’re clothes off then recite “Bismillah” first because by doing this the private parts of you’re body will stay hidden from the shaitaan.

Madeena 16- Whilst taking you’re clothes off start with you’re left side and then your right.

Madeena 17- Start to wear a new pair of clothes from Fridays as this is the Sweet Sunnah.

Madeena 18- Fold all you’re clothes and you’re bedding after you have used them because if you leave them just like that then the shaitaan uses them. (Fatawa-e-Razawiya Shareef)

Madeena 19- To sit with both of your buttocks on the floor, with both of you’re knees up and having you’re arms wrapped around you’re legs whilst holding both the hands is a very sewwt Sunnah of the Sweet and Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

Madeena 20- It’s also a sweet Sunnah to sit cross legged.

Madeena 21- To sit where there is some sunshine and some shade is forbidden.

Madeena 22- Whenever you go to an Ijthima or even a mehfil, then don’t jump over people, but instead sit down wherever you find a place.

Madeena 23- When you’re sitting down then takes your shoes off, you’re feet will be at ease and relaxed. (Al-Hadeeth)

Madeena 24- When somebody arrives to move over or make space for them is a sweet Sunnah.

Madeena 25- If it’s possible then try you’re best to always sit whilst facing the Qibla (Direction of the Holy Ka’aba) as our Madani Master (Salalahu alaihi wasaam) oftenly used to sit on their hams (Attahiyaat position), whilst facing Qibla and used to place their blessed hands on the knees. (There are other ways to sit according to the sweet Sunnah that have been mention before.)

Madeena 26- If there are 2 women standing in the way or walking on the path then don’t try to pass from in between them.

Madeena 27- Whilst walking avoid looking and acting as though you’re puzzled or confused and don’t look here and there.

Madeena 28- Whilst you are walking be cautious that your shoes don’t make any sounds/ noise.

Madeena 29- Put your right shoe on first and then you’re left and when taking them off, take you’re left shoe off first and then you’re right.

Madeena 30- To wash both you’re hands up to you’re wrists before and after meals, to gargle or rinse the mouth and to wash the front of the mouth is a sweet Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam). Some people just wash one hand or their fingers and start to eat, this way the Sunnah is not being acted upon properly. (Alamgeeri)

Madeena 31- When you are about to eat you can sit in any of these 3 positions, either way the Sunnah will be followed ::

1) Sit so that your left foot is under your buttocks and your right leg is folded and your knee is upright,

2) Sit so that both of you’re buttocks are on the floor and both of you’re knees are upright,

3) Or you can sit on your hams (in the position that you sit in whilst reading Attahiyaat)

Madeena 32- Hold the roti/bread in your left hand and break it with your right hand as this is the sweet Sunnah.

Madeena 33- If a morsel of food, piece of bread/roti, or any other piece of food falls on the floor or table cloth then pick it up wipe it and eat it because the one who does this then there are glad tidings for her being forgiven of her sins. Alhamdulillah (Azzawajal).

Madeena 34- To eat with 1 finger is the way of the shaitaan, o eat with 2 fingers is the way of the proud and snobby people and to eat with 3 fingers is Sunnat-e-Rasool (Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

Madeena 35- After you have eaten clean you’re teeth with a toothpick as this is Sunnah as well.

Madeena 36- Drink water whilst sitting down, and hold the glass of water in you’re right hand and recite “Bismillah”. Then whilst looking into the glass drink the water in 3 breaths, meaning that take one sip of water then move it away and take a breath then take your second sip and move the glass away and take a breath and then in you’re third turn take as much sips or gulps as you wish. Once you have finished drinking the water then say “Alhamdulillah (Azzawajal)”

Madeena 37- If after you have finished drinking the water and there is still some water left over, then no matter what don’t throw it away because to do that you’re wasting water and wasting water is sinful, instead give the water to somebody else to drink as it is stated in a Hadeeth Shareef that the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam) said:

“There is cure in the remaining food or drink of a believer (Mo’moin)”

Madeena 38- To do Miswak before going to sleep and to go to sleep whilst in the state of wuzu is also Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

Madeena 39- Before getting into bed recite “Bismillah” and shake you’re bed covers 3 times just incase there are any insects or any other harmful animals in your bed covers and by shaking them they will fall out.

Madeena 40- Sometimes sleep on a palm mat, sometimes sleep on skin of an animal, sometimes sleep on you’re beds, sometimes sleep on the floor and sometimes form a pillow out of your hands and arms as all of these ways of sleeping are sacred and sweet Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam) and if you act upon these then you’re love for the Sweet and Madani Aka (Salalahu alaihi wasalam) will increase. InshAllah (Azzawajal)

DUA::Oh our Pyaaray Allah (Azzawajal) give us all the ability to practice the sweet Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet (Salalahu alaihi wasalam), whilst sitting, standing, walking, talking, eating and all aspects of our lives.

Ameen bijahin Nabiyyil Ameen (Wa Salalahu alaihi wasalam)

Ya ELAHI* jab RAZA khawaab-e-giraa say sar uthayay
Dowlat-e-baydaar-e-ishq-e-MUSTAFA* ka saat ho

(Azzawajal wa Salalahu alaihi wasalama wa RadiAllahu Ta'al Anhu)