Sunday, 19 May 2013

Islam and Pakistan

Relationship of Islam and Pakistan

Pakistan appeared on the map of world as independent country on 14th august 1947 in the blessed month of Ramadan on the 27th Date. The creation of Pakistan is based on an ideology and there was no WAR Fought To liberate Pakistan from the Britain. Subcontinent was divided by the Britain and this process was started in June 1947.

The movement of Pakistan took speed and potential after the 1940’s address of alama Muhammad Iqbal who gave the idea of a separate nation comprising the areas which are under pakistan’s possession today. Muslims of subcontinent were feared and they were treated as slaves by the british and the hindus who got chance to oppress muslims because they lived under muslim rule for 1000 years. The oppression led the Indian muslims to think of a free land where they could lead their lives in the name of Islam, for Islam and as per Islam. Hence the slogan was raised “pakistan ka matlab kia (what is the meaning of pakistan)- la ilaha ilallah (there is no God but ALLAH)”. With this slogan, the muslims got new energy and they were ready to get killed to get that new place to live.

After Pakistan came into being, the biggest migration of the known history took place, when hundreds of thousands of muslims left the place they lived and went to Pakistan. But the saddest thing happened that from those huge masses, only few thousand could make it to reach Pakistan alive. The sikh jathas (nationalist groups) killed masses of muslims, raped thousands of females by raisign the slogan “wahy goro ki jay”. Hindus who were living in the areas of Pakistan also faced the terror, when they were also killed in retaliation to what Sikhs did to muslims but they were not killed that much.

After the creation of Pakistan, it was now expected that there will be Islamic system and people will not be bothered again for following their religion. But all those high claims ran into dust when after 64 years, we still are waiting for that Islamic system to be emposed. The constitution of islam is not Islamic, the culture of Pakistan is not Islamic, rather it is the culture of the areas. The nation of Pakistan is muslim by name but the true islam is seldom seen in Pakistan.

The purpose of creation of Pakistan was to be muslims, but instead, the movement of Pakistan was led by some qadiyanis too who fueled the movement with money and who wanted to make it a qadiyani state. but luckily, they could never be able to get majority and in 1970’s they were officially identified as kafirs.
Today, lack of Islamic knowledge, is seen as visible characteristic of Pakistan. The culture of Pakistan is a mixture of local cultures fused with the touch of west. The establishment of Pakistan is a greedy lot of people worried for the incoming aid in form of dollars so that their bank balances can be updates.

The army of the Pakistan, once an efficient force, is now under huge pressure from USA because they chose to be the allies of the zions, they chose to fight their own muslim brothers by beign on the side of kafirs.
Today, we see asbiat and nationalism an integral part of Pakistan today, while it is against islam.
Once Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w was asked about asbiyah and His reply was “leave it , it is rotten”.
What was termed as rotten is now a proud practice of the people of Pakistan. This practice has snatched the sense of differentiating the right from wrong.

Hence, there is no Islam we can see in Pakistan in its true sense.